Kids love playing games. Games ehances various skills in a child. More than we think they can!!
Our activities will challenge and develop
your child's creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.
Along with the mental nutrition, We focus on complete body nutrition with High Fiber diet and Alkaline Water.

A Few Words About Our School

Milestone Play School is one of its kind Play School. While others focus just on the physical and mental development of a child, we go one step further to keep a check on their health and social and emotional skills too.

  • Milestone Play School provides a completely clean and friendly environment for kids.
  • Parents can always check what their kids are learning and their progress.
  • With Technology, your child is always learning things faster than others.
More About Us

A quick view of Our Services

Learn with Fun

Learning becomes fun when the Kids learn while doing things they like the most.

Futuristic Approach

Technology is revolutionizing us, Our kids will revolutionize Technology in Future.

Health First

Daily Nutritious diet designed by top health Experts with Alkaline Water makes us stand out.

Smart Curriculum

Our intelligently designed curriculum has more value with less burden on kids.

Friendly Environment

Young kids learn most of their habits from their friends. We focus on making our teachers friends with kids.

All round Development

Fine Motor, Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Memory, Creative, Language Skills +++

Preparing our Kids for the FUTURE !

Avatar Tech-Savvy

Laptops and Tablets

We provide Laptops and Tablets for our kids to become tech-savvy from an early age.

Don't worry about the increasing screen-time. We keep a check on that too.

We also introduce them to new tech microcomputers like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Avatar Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

We use amazing AI gadgets and expose our kids to the world of Man-Made Self-Dependent Intelligence.

Alexa Classrooms is one of the highlight features of our classes.

Apart from Alexa, we use smartboards for teaching which is highly interactive and full of knowledge and features.

Avatar VR (Virtual Reality)

VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality is to see the details of things which we usually miss.

We prepare our kids to see more than what meets the eye.

VR boxes are a common technology which everyone is adopting so we thought why shouldn't we too.

Avatar Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality

Today is the world of being ahead from others and even see what's not there. How to possibly do that?

The answer is the latest emerging Technology - AR.

Augmented Reality helps a child to develop imagination. A child with good imagination makes them creative as well as keep them always in front of the race.

Avatar Robots (Hello Miko)


Robots are Human's Next Best Friends. They obey, play, help, assist and connect us with the world of technology and endless possibilities.

Miko is one such technology which kids love to hang out with. The uses of Miko are several and kids can learn a lot from the little robot. Our school have other several robotic features to boost a child's knowledge and thinking capabilities.

Avatar DMIT Test


Understand what your child is capable of with the amazing science of DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multi-Intelligence Test).

Explore what your child is capable of, what are his/her inner talents are, what is their IQ and EQ, etc. All these can be known through DMIT.

DMIT can also guide children to take correct career options based on their interests and intelligence.

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